It is a building constructed in the 1400’s. Around the 1700’s it was enlarged in its front part. Its 1400’s facade was covered, finally exposed again during the reconstructing work done between the years 1922 and 1923. This last restoration was done to show a typical Cadore home, with its fireplace next to the outside wall, an external ladder to climb to the first floor, a large balcony made of wood along all the front part of the house and finally the very visible roof beams.

From a sales contract written by a Pieve lawyer in 1557, it was shown that the house on Arsenale road was the only house possessed by Tiziano in the Cadore area. Successively, many different families owned the house until the Magnificent Community of Cadore bought it in 1926. With the law n° 1725 dated 17/12/1922 it was declared national monument. Inside of it, many original art pieces can be found such as a wooden Christ statute dating back to the 1500’s, some handwritten letters by the painter, Pietro Aretino and Filippo II of Spain and a Bull by the Emperor Carlo V, which nominates Tiziano ” Count Palatine”.