In the fresh water of its lake reflects the sorceress Civetta peak. Among high fifth covered with fir and larch peep, over a thousand meters higher, the elusive structure of the great west wall, a giant of the Dolomites with its seven miles of four thousand feet in height and width. The top of the great Civetta stands at 3220 meters high.

  • Alleghe Lake
    A huge landslide fell from the mountain Spitz (Black Stone) which overlooks the narrow valley before the big leap to Cencenighe. And ‘the cold night’ s January 11, 1771, and within minutes the huge landslide, which is still very active and visible scar, closing the narrow passage in the valley. There were fifty casualties among the hovels of the villages of Marin and Fusine (now no longer exist), but in a few years the valley was filled with water to form the lovely lake and forced the inhabitants of the valley, villages Peron, Costa and Torre, dislodged and rebuild the country below the slopes of the Civetta. In May of that year a new landslide fell on water that was filling the basin and the wave of water brings ruin the church that was about to be submerged in water. Parts of the old church, in Romanesque style dating from the twelfth century, rebuilt in the fifteenth century Gothic style, are ‘saved’ and reused in the new church built in 1773 where now we see it. The new church was even enhanced by the old church ornaments and precious gifts received as a sign of solidarity with the Republic of Venice, largely lost in the raging fire of 1899 destroyed most of the wooden huts of the village. The catastrophic events were cause for many legends. One of them tells of a poor man who asked for food and lodging to some rich families in the village, but was expelled. Only a poor widow received him and gave him food to hungry mouths of her children. The poor man, before sleep in the barn, thanked her and told that the silence of the night was broken by a huge roar, but reassured her that she must not worry because the Lord would watch over you and your children. In the morning, in the general confusion, her house was intact, but of the poor there was no trace or any sign. Another legend tells of witches dancing under the command of Grand Bracun, celebrating the tremendous performance which perhaps contributed propitiatory magic.
  • Around the Lake:
    Based on the large parking lot of the ice rink, you can make the complete ring around the lake with an easy walk suitable for elderly and disabled. You will take a couple of hours, whereas every corner lends itself to reflection and observation of the landscape and natural features that, without fear of contradiction, we can define the most beautiful and fascinating world. Recommended around clockwise, along the road early, on the appropriate platform, and cross the bridge on your landslide boulders Masarè to continue the little road around the west side of the lake, then cross the river on the bridge ropes suspended and finally back in town. Do not forget a good pair of binoculars. Route very crowded during peak tourist season in summer, but the charm of the place and pays fills our hearts with unforgettable emotions. You can admire the great north-west wall of the Civetta, true giant of the Dolomites.