There are many features that make the Val di Zoldo and Civetta ski area particularly suitable for families and a paradise for children as in winter as in summer with a varied program of activities and additional services.

A paradise in winter

We have wide slopes for all levels included in a pristine environment within forests of fir and larch. There aren’t dangers quotas, as eg. avalanches, not the strong wind creates its own special problems, thanks the location of the slopes and of the woods in a protected environment. A field locations School in Pian del Crep easily accessible with an automatic coupling cable car (also usable with the stroller). The floor where the baby slope is located, is covered by sunshine from early in the morning thanks to its exposure to the south-east (think that in the period when the sun is lower the sun is from 8.30 to 14.30). In addition, the natural continuation of the school field is an easy track 4 km long. Children as well although beginners after just a few days can travel safely reaching the base of the cable car going up and so comfortable and easy for those who are not yet unaccustomed to bring their own skis, as in the case of children.

Ski School

The ski school is specialized for years in teaching children from 3 years of age even with the certainty of achieving phenomenal results. The school also provides a service of assistance and control of children one hour before and one hour after the courses in order to expand the period of “free ski” of the parents.

Family Hotel

Accommodation particularly suitable for families offering discounted prices to the largest groups or ad hoc offers. The rooms are spacious and suitable so that parents and children can spend a relaxing vacation. Baby club activities and entertainment make afternoons funny for children and easy for parents.

English Camp

Native speakers teachers, great with kids, will teach the English language with the right desire of the children to do it while having fun and meeting new friends.

The “criola”

It is not just an association that organizes weekly activities, but above all an institution that has delighted hundreds of children, Zoldo and not, and that allows an open and free exchange between boys from different experiences. Many have been those who have finished their time in the Criola with tears in his eyes but bringing with them an unforgettable experience.

Nordic walking

The walk your children will become more challenging and funny using the nordiìc walking technique. Among the other does very well.


An extensive entertainment program involving children without necessarily being in hotels with baby club. It is a series of activities that make the stay pleasant by discovering some special features of the Val di Zoldo.


It’s the most direct way to experience the rock and the mountains up close. It can be done in complete safety, even as children, in fact, have provided artificial equipped walls where talented instructors teach the basics to children.


Ric and his staff realize carriage rides or on horseback through the woods. So that your horse will also spends a vacation in Zoldo with the “storage activities”

Ski in summer

No! In summer you can’t ski, but we organize stays of 4 days with ski training and fun activities in the afternoon.