The tradition and culture of the past are still strongly felt in the Ski Civetta area. Not just business and trade, but local cuisine too maintains the taste of ancient recipes and home-made dishes. A number of so-called “typical restaurants” offer traditional dishes such as “casonzei” (ravioli stuffed with spinach, pumpkin or turnip, flavoured with melted butter and ricotta cheese), barley soup and “polenta” (a sort of maize porridge) and “pastin”(grilled minced meat). Some recipes bring back to life almost forgotten but not less tasty flavours. Local sweets are also renouned: “carfogn”, “krapfen” and ricotta cakes are just a few of the most popular names.

Nome Indirizzo Località Telefono Info
Locanda Tana de l’ Ors Via Roma, 28 Forno di Zoldo 0437 794097 Monday closed
Rist.Tipico L’Insonnia loc. Le Bocole Forno di Zoldo 0437 787243 Tipical cousine
Enoteca Coldai via Pecol, 47 Zoldo Alto 0437 789126
Ristorante Al Lumin via Monte Pelmo, 11 Zoldo Alto 0437 789192
Rist.Tipico L’Insonnia loc. Le Bocole Forno di Zoldo 0437 787243 Tipical cousine
Stube Dal Patriarca via Monte Civetta Zoldo Alto 0437 866382
Pizzeria Deny via Pecol, 25 Zoldo Alto 0437 789296
Pizzeria Da Christian viale Dolomiti, 50 Zoldo Alto 0437 789381
Ristorante Pizzeria Palma loc. Palma Zoldo Alto 0437 788645
Rifugio Staulanza loc. Passo Staulanza Zoldo Alto 0437 788566
Rifugio Monte Pelmo loc. Palafavera Zoldo Alto 0437 789359
Rifugio Palafavera loc. Palafavera Zoldo Alto 0437 789133
Pizzeria Ciclamino via Talinera, 4 Zoldo Alto 0437 788643
Trattoria Da Ninetta loc. Mezzocanale Forno di Zoldo 0437 78240
Trattoria da Chiara Viale Dolomiti Zoldo Alto 0437.789448
Antica Locanda Al Pelmo via Bortolot, 82 Zoppè di Cadore 0437 791113
Pizzeria Camino Nero via Roma, 52 Forno di Zoldo 0437 78413
Ristorante Cornigian loc. Cornigian, 12 Forno di Zoldo 0437 787828 – Cell. 340 7133185