Zoldo Valley

Palafavera ski run is located in Zoldo Alto area at 1.550 m elevation on the sea level. Average difficulty courses of 5 km and 7,5 km suitable for families as well as athletes. The start is even and very sunny, the course develops then through average difficult slopes and descents. There is a large parking area at disposal of the Civetta Skiing District. Also this ski run is approved for national competitions. Campo – Forno di Zoldo (elevation 845 m.s.l. and a ring of about 1,2 km long) is thor-oughly illuminated for night skiing and, when necessary, also artificially covered with snow. Pralongo – Forno di Zoldo (elevation 975 m.s.l.) is a ring of 6 km course and it’s approved for CL tecnique competitions.

Passo Cibiana di Cadore

Deona Ski run is located in Cibiana di Cadore area at 1530 m elevation on the sea level. This ski run has a selection of several courses. Lovers of night Nordic ski will find a ring of 2 km, thoroughly illuminated, of average difficulty. Further rings of 2, 3, 4 ,5 and 7,5 km. all of average difficulty, develop around Forcella Cibiana, starting from provincial road in VAL DI ZOLDO Nr. 347 and going through the wood with steep slopes and descents. This complex of courses is approved for national competitions.

Peronaz di Selva di Cadore

The Peronaz cross-country skiing centre is located at 1600 m above sea level at the foot of the Monte Pelmo (3168 m) at the Rifugio Aquileia, 2 km from the Civetta ski resort in Selva di Cadore. Cross-country runs for beginners, ski schools, suitable for families and athletes, runs that are 2-3-5-7,5-10 and 12 km long. The cross-country centre is very well equipped, with changing rooms, showers, WC, ski hire, repair room, ski room and a ski school. The peaceful, idyllic location makes it a cross-country skiers’ paradise.