Alpinism can combine all forms of mountain activities from ski touring, rock or ice climbing and climbing in mixed terrains, making the activity very variable and complete.

…it describes those mountain activities that take place in the “ Alps ” and in the same way there are also Pirineists, Andenists and Himalayists

Alpinism can mean many hours spent walking, long days in terrains sometimes hostiles or solitary, nights spent in cold huts or tents, practically a form of life!
However… it’s also the best way to discover the mountain: Glacier crossings, ascension to summits of 4000m or even higher! …Climbing snow couloirs or differing forms of ridges. Alpinism can be practiced at all levels.
Guided outings are an excellent introduction to the world of Alpinism. Once we know what alpinism is, we can decide if to start with an initiation mountaineering course in order to become autonomous.