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From the beginning the Italian School of Ski Civetta has embraced the mission to help you discover and enjoy the mountains and skiing. The Civetta Ski School has built its reputation on professionalism and ability to adapt to change. He knows he must now confront the more general context of a constantly changing economy that, to meet the new challenges, requires continuous adjustments.
The Italian School of Ski Civetta, in response to the economic crisis, is honored to be able to show their flexibility without forgetting its roots. Our commitment is to meet your needs and desires to provide all the services you need without sacrificing quality. Our aim is to ensure, through clear and precise objectives, the best possible service.

Our goals:

-fixed prices:
A price freeze on our services and on all ski lessons to reward our loyal customers

-Low ratio of ski instructors / students:
To reconcile the demand and supply of instructors that we use, and to ensure the best service, students who participate in our courses are limited in number according to the specifications of each course. By doing so we can ensure the high quality and safety in the teaching and a human and familiar atmosphere.

-Firmly maintain our values:
Friendly atmosphere, customer respect, clarity, and commitment are the core values we believe in. it is a commitment that you will find in our brochures, web pages and all information material. You are the privileged customers and see your progress is our prize.