The possibilities for exploring on nature trails the Dolomites  and areas adjacent to the Zoldo Valley are endless,  below there are a few:

mappa civetta 1 mappa moiazza 1

Zoldo Valley – Civetta Pramper-Moschesin:  Trail  C.A.I. No. 540

Place of departure – Arrival: around Pramper Farms – Under Moschesin Fork.

Locality cross: Val Balanzola

Altitudes: from 1525 to 1850.
Connecting trails C.A.I.: 523, 543.

Path with full path inside the Belluno Dolomites National Park.
Notes: Tourist route with signage, the trail coincides with the layout of a military road.

Zoldo Valley – Complete tour of the Civetta-Moiazza

Starting points: Capanna Trieste (1135), from street Listolade 5 Km north of Agordo

Support points:  Capanna Trieste (1714) Ref. Vazzoler, Ref.Tissi (2284), Rif.Coldai (2135), Bivouac Grisette (2050), Ref Passo Duran (1600), Rif.Carestiato (1835), Capanna Trieste.

Difficulty: The trail is moderately challenging.

Hiking time: it is advisable to divide the route in 3 days for a total of about 17 hours of walking.

Route description:

  • Day 1 During this first stage you will visit one of the best places in the Dolomites, the NW Face of Civetta.
  • Day 2: This stage is long and demanding, on winds lonely and desolate areas with no particular difficulty. The only section where you should pay attention is in the fork of CrepaBassa (2320), with some transition and exposed duct with a passing grade I ^ downhill.
  • Day 3 The stage is easy and almost all downhill. This will affect the Dolomites Alta Via No 1 in the stretch, in reverse-Coldai Vazzoler-Carestiato.


Zoldo Valley – Civetta – Viaz dei Cengioni

Starting points: Passo Duran (1600m)

Hiking time: 3 hours gone – 5 hours return

Route description

Passo Duran, take the east path 536 leading to the hut Angelini. At some point you can read the words “Viaz dei Cengioni”. Then leave the trail and take in the new short reaching a grassy expanse until you reach the top of the buttress Gravinai.

After crossing a channel, you reach a terrace of mountain pines where the band starts making the ledges Viaz very beautiful and evocative. Through a step above, it reaches the bottom of the canyon between Cima Laste and Cima Gravinai then going on the rocks of the Cima Lastie. Following the red trail reaches the canyon between Cima Lastie and Cima Nord.

The last to cross the canyon is the most difficult. In fact to arrive at its bottom must pass  two steps of climbing. Continue under the north face of Cima Livia until you reach the edge of the West itself. From here on the sloping wall, opening the view of Van di Caleda and walls of the West and Northwest Tamer. The passage ends in a saddle with lawn accessible from side of Van.

Reached easily on the wall west of Cresta Sud di St. Sebastian, crosses the path that leads to the fork from the Van di Caleda.  Go down the path, reaching high Van di  Caleda. From there go down the easy path to the base of the Sasso di Caleda. Veering northwest you return to the Passo Duran.


Pelmo Peak

mappa Pelmo

Zoldo Valley: Tour around Pelmo peak

Starting points: the centers of Val Fiorentina (Selva di Cadore), Val Zoldo (Pecol Zoppè di Cadore) and Val Boite (San Vito, Borca).

Support points: Refuge Città di Fiume (1918 m), tel. 0437/720268; Refuge Venezia(1946 m), tel. 0436/9684; Refuge Forcella Staulanza (m 1766). Zoldo road pass between the Val Fiorentina, S. S. 251

Levels: uphill, about  m530 about, down as much, plus some ups and downs

Hiking time: 6.15 hours total. Splits in the text

Signpost: always present, red and white stripes, No 480-472. Two short sections equipped with fixed ropes.

Equipment:  on the path Flaibani high mountain equipment , piccozzino useful , normal hiking on Triòl dei Cavài

Route description
From Refuge Città di Fiume trail No. 480 door quickly to close Forada Fork (1972 m) crossing for San Vito, then turns to trail on the right and south, enters a rocky channel. The whole comeback, coming out left onto a grassy knoll (fixed rope) in view of the impending Pelmo.

Is around a rocky rampart and we enter upon the great casting of Val d’Arcia gravel on the right the remains of a small glacier. Northeast end of this cold gravel circus opens Forcella Val d’Arcia (2476 m): reach it, from the opposite side you go down a steep reddish standing right under the cliffs of colored tops Forca Rossa.

Where the canyon opens, the trail turns right (a fixed rope) over a saddle and proceeds diagonally towards the visible Refuge Venezia (3 to 3.30 hours). Return to the  Refuge Città di Fiume will take place in 2.45 hours. From the refuge, follow trail 472, in three minutes you reach the saddle Rutòrt, where it began the Triòl dei Cavài. Take to the right along the rocks Pelmo, noting the feature tower known as “La Dambri” because it looks like a wooden shoe, similar to Dutch, used by the villagers.

With ups and downs in a scenic view  you continue to walk around the mighty massif Pelmo; later appears Pelmetto (2993 m) “little brother”, but only so to speak.  A mix wetlands to dry meadows and mountain pine: more views of the Civetta Peak. It comes just above the pass road fork Staulanza, to which one can go down.

Or wanting to go straight, always with the path 472, pass at high altitude near the western scree Pelmetto, and climb to the entrance of large debris flows down from the Val d’Arcia. Cut it horizontally, cross a valley and finally arrive to to Rifugio Fiume.