Year of construction: 1928/29

Altitude: 1714 m

Mountain range: Civetta

Location: Col Negro Pelsa

Sleeps: 87 + 6 winter

It lies nestled in a beautiful fir in a splendid location at the entrance of the Valley dei  Cantoni, dominated by tall pillars of Venice Tower on the west  and Trieste Toweron the  East, on which rises to the top of Busazza s 2894 m. Farther east the Moiazza complete the landscape.

Built in 1928 has gained increasing prestige thanks to its strategic location which necessitated numerous expansions and have led to the current capacity of 80 beds.

Is undoubtedly the ideal base for the Ascension of the southern part of the Civetta Group as well as reference point for those who follow the Alta Via n ° 1

Getting there:

From Listolade 682 for the Capanna Trieste e1135m and Mussaia

  • Difficulty: tourist route
  • Duration: 1 ½ hours from the hut Trieste (reachable by car), marked 555
  • From the town center on a narrow road goes up the valley for 4.5 km until Corpassa Hut Trieste.Si now continue on dirt road over the river on a constant slope to the base of Torre Trieste. The sixth hairpin junction Refuge famine eighth the road turns west with a final grueling climb to Pian Taje, beyond the forest to reach the shelter

By Tissi and Coldai Refuges(classical crossing)

Masarè by the Banca di Casamatta and Fork Pian della Lora

  • Difficulty: hiking route with a stretch of exposed ledge
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • from the town center 970m until the scale Casamatta (1400) (see Tissi Refuge) on path 563. Turn right in a beech wood first, then mighi. Reached the start of the Banca of Casamatta, or the ledge, follow it until reaching the bottom of the Alta Val di Pian Caldiera and Fork of Lora (1950 m), rejoining the path 560 that leads to  Vazzoler Refuge.

By Chiesa 1252m (Zoldano side) for the Hut of Grava and the fork Sasse

  • Difficulty: hiking rock climbing with some step (1 degree)
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • from the route 537 at the restaurant the Vare comes off a street with access regulations, which goes into the valley of Grava  where up is the eponymous Hut  1617 m (1 hour). One path continues north to the fork Grava 1784m where a sharp turn left. Here begins the grueling ascent of the Grava Valley until crossing the fork of Sasse 2476 m. Some short passages leading to the “bowl” of Van Sasse and the threshold of dominating the Alta Corpassa.
  • The path now drops one by exploiting the smooth transition to the left and continue along the steep terraced slopes with a magnificent view onTrieste and Venice Towers. At the base of the monolith of the Cantoni  of Busazza we pass close to the base frame reaching the end of the Pian Taje and therefore on the right Vazzoler Refuge.

By Cencenighe 774m from the Via Ferrata  Fiamme Gialle to the Palazza Alta di Pelsa 2225m

  • Difficulty: Expert excursion itinerary
  • Duration: 5 hours total, 2 hours from the Village of Bastiani (reachable by car) at the beginning of the railway, 1 ½ hours for the strike.
  • This is a challenging course that exceeds 1300 m in altitude. It follows, first a good path to the base of the via ferrata  that spread over about 900 m, 650 of which are equipped with minimum artificial anchors. So this is a real climb, though easy, very exposed.