Rifugio Tomè
Date of built: 1952

High: 1601 m

Mountain Group: Moiazza/Civetta

Location: Passo Duran

Beds: 30

Opening period: Summer (in winter only on reservation)

Welcoming building set on crossing of the Passo Duran along the highway n. 347, represents a reference point for penetrating the Civetta – Moiazza from the eastern side and is an end goal in itself for those who wish to take advantage of a break on the beautiful pastures of the pass. Built by the Italian Alpine Club in 1952 and dedicated to the alpinist Cesare Tome, currently owned by Soro Dorotei, stands on top of the Passo Duran and, thanks to its favorable location, the refuge is an excellent starting point for various hiking routes such as : the tour of the mountain groups Civetta- Moiazza and St. Sebastian-Tamer, as well as for the railroads to Moiazza Costantini, Alleghesi and Tissi in Civetta, the normal route of Pelmo Bosconero and Spiz Sonnenberg. There are also other minor routes, but no less beautiful, like Viàz of Cengioni to St. Sebastian and Ledge Letizia. It ‘also a transit place or stage of the Alta Via No. 1 (from Ref. Vazzoler to ref. Sommariva al Pramperet) and a comfortable support for the various climbing routes in the group Moiazza and surrounding rock climbing gyms, as well as Northern access to the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites. Run by Dorotei family, it is open during the summer season and has 30 beds in rooms and dormitories with bathrooms and showers with hot water. It’s reachable by car from Agordo (about 12 km) or from Dont di Zoldo (about 10 km) to the street of the Passo Duran. The refuge is also during the winter on reservation for activities in ski-mountaineering character.

Soro Dorotei

Soro Dorotei

Soro Dorotei, the manager of the shelter, is a mountain guide, mountaineering instructor since 1978, trainer of mountain guides. Person with a strong and successful character but at the same time always modest, to his credit has the opening of 120 new routes in the Dolomites, from 1983 he began attending the great mountains Himalyane of “eight thousand” competed in nine expeditions and climbing six summits of 8000 meters: Lhotse M8511, m8611 K2, Nanga Parbat m8125, m8163 Manaslu, Annapurna m8091, m8042 Broad Peak, all climbing without oxygen. He has also been vice-scientific mountaineering expedition leader of the expedition Everest 2004 K2 within the project; He has carried out an intense winter mountaineering activities in the dolomitic area and the Alpine Arc.