Rifugio Carestiato (paesaggio)Rifugio Carestiato (paesaggio) Rifugio Carestiato

Year of builting: 1950

Altitude: 1834 m

Mountain : Moiazza

Location: Col dei Pass, behind the walls of the southern Moiazza

Sleeps: 40

Opening period: from 06/06

It rises in a wonderful location to Col dei Pass, behind the southern walls of Moiazza where the  view encompasses the Agordo Basin and the mountains that form the background: Monte Celo, Feruch-Monti del Sole, Vette Feltrine e la catena Croda Grande-Agner; on the west the rock of Framont  is linked  through Fork dei Camp 1933m to the tower of the same name “Cantons”, while shelter behind rise the mighty cliffs of the ridge of Masenade – Sass de Duram that over the Duran Pass, continue on the group of San Sebastian – Tamer – Moschesi.

Valuable and desired result obtained from Section Agordina CAI has become right now basic starting point for ascents of the southern Moiazza.

In the years the Carestiato refuge has increased its strategic value, as first stage of ones e who goes on theeAlta Via No. 1, then as a base for the long climb to the challenging Moiazza Ferrata G. Costantini

Getting there:

From Refuge Vazzoler 1714 m throw the Fork dei Camp 1933 m

  • Difficulty: hiking trail
  • Duration: 3 hours; path Alta Via n° 1 trail 554

Passo Duran Duran 1601 m to 1744 m Casera

  • Difficulties; tourist route
  • Duration: 2 hours; 549 trail
  • On the Duran Pass, at the Refuge Tomè starts  the path that climbs up the grassy slopes of the pass. Getting in the forest you reach the trail that service the Carestiato Refuge. On it  you reach the hut Duran and later the Val de Vie and touch the base of the Col dei Pass. Going up the final climb you arrive to the Carestiato Refuge.