Rifugio Tissi

Year of builting: 1963

Altitude: 2260 m.

Mountain: Civetta –  Moiazza

Location: Col Rèan

Beds: 65 beds, winter shelter 12 people.
Opening period: The refuge is open during the summer and autumn

The refuge is dedicated to the memory of mountaineer and patriot  Attilio Tissi, who died in 1959 following an accident on the Tre Cime peak, located on the summit of Col Rèan, to 2,250 m altitude, in a panoramic position on the northwest wall of Civetta, birthplace of the sixth grade from the mid twenties. The property, owned by CAI Belluno, was inaugurated in 1963 and lies on the path of Alta Via No 1 Dolomite. From the nearby cross of Col Rèan breathtaking view below Lake Alleghe and most of the major mountain ranges of the Dolomites: Marmolada, Sella, Col di Lana, Fànes, Lagazuoi, Tofane of  Ampezzo Dolomites and Pelmo.
The refuge A. Tissi  is the flagship of Section CAI Belluno, not only because it reminds one of our famous member, but also because it is to dominate one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. In his forty years has been the benchmark for all climbers who wanted to try along the northwest wall of the Civetta peak, and was the destination of many hikers to enjoy the solemnity of the majestic wall.
It offers great hospitality in a cozy setting with maximum comfort, especially after the recent refurbishment, and with a simple but delicious, food. For those who frequent the mountain during the winter there is a camp, recently renovated and dedicated

Getting there

From Refuge Sonnino to  Coldai peak2132

  • Difficulty: tourist route
  • Duration: 1 hour and a half, marked 560
  • is the shortest route: follow the full route from the refuge Coldai to refuge Vazzoler. When you are on the fork of Rèan turn right and the building is always in view

From Refuge M. Vazzoler 1714 m Col Negro Pelsa

  • difficulty tourist route
  • Duration: 1 hour and a half, marked 560
  • Shelter from Vazzoler turns to the west (view on Torre Venezia 2337, Bancon peak 2346, the Busazza 2894 and Torre Trieste (2458 m). Descended for a short distance to the base of one pillar of the cantons Pelsa then following the trail goes up the opposite side of the valley of the Foramen to a crossroads. On the right you reach the top of a hill (lovely view of the Torre Venezia) followed by a sudden barancio. Later the trace opens on  the Pian di Pelsa and stands the shape of Refuge Tissi. A short descent leads to the Pian della Lora basin on which at the beginning of the season there is a small temporary lake, now climbing the mountain pastures, touched the Forcella Col of Rean, going west you gain the Refuge

By Masarè  970 m to the waterfall and the Casera Casamatta 1651m

  • Difficulty: hiking trail
  • Duration: 4 hours. Signpost 563
  • Strenuous tour with access from the valley side Cordevole. From the town center, take the road that leads to the departure station of the cable car that serves the Refuge. Passed a ridge from the fine waterfall of Ru Blanc fifty feet high, from here the path crosses the mountain slopes to dense forest to the base of the ” Casamatta stair” you get up until the Casera of Casamatta and then more slope until fork Casamatta 2009 m. The path now turns to the North till the Fork of the Valley of the Bech de Mezzodì . Now you arrive to the Col Rèan and on pasturereach the Tissi Refuge.