Rifugio Coldai

Year of builting: 1905 (1971 – 1980)

Altitude: 2135 m.

Mountain group: Civetta – Moiazza

Location: Forc. Coldai, head of the Val Ziolere (Zoldo City High)

Sleeps: 88 + 8 in the local winter

Opening Period: 20/06 – 20/09, agreements with the property

First foothold of the Group wanted and created by the Venice Alpine Club still at the dawn of the twentieth century and rebuilt after the complete destruction occurred during the partisan war.
Located on the eastern slope of Mount Coldai dominant Zoldo Upper Valley with a magnificent view of Mount pelmo, while the Civetta is hidden from the foothills of the northern branch. Very popular thanks to the brevity of access by casera Pioda is a must for the route of the Alta Via No. 1 and base for the Civetta East side route .

Getting there:

Palafavera from 1507 m to 1816 m Pioda casera

  • Difficulty: tourist route
  • Duration: 2 hours. Signpost 564 and 556
  • The track comes off just south of the square of Refuge Palafavera, rising slope with small woods and pastures until Fork of Alleghe. From the large square of Casera pioda departs then a well-marked trail that exceeds the North side of Mount Coldai

By Baita Scoiattolo (1454 m) to the Lander and Casera Pioda

  • Difficulty: tourist route
  • Duration: 2 hours. Signpost 564 and 556
  • From Baita Scoiatto heading east brings you to the looming walls of Mount Coldai. Reached the ski slope in the Lander (the large rocks), follow up to the saddle Alleghe, continuing on the trail that starts from Casera Pioda


By Baita Scoiattolo 1454 m for the Ru de Porta and Fork Coldai 2191 m

  • Difficulty: hiking trail
  • Duration: 2 hours. Signpost 4
  • Itinerary hard not without some difficulty, to be used with caution rather than down the stretch below the Lake Coldai. By the Baita Scoiattolo  you take a small trail towards the north-west wall of the Civetta. Past the ski slope and past a bastion of rock continues cutting the western cliffs of Mount Coldai canyon until the Ru de Port (natural arch rock unfortunately collapsed in 1948). Touched the base of the right walls of the head of the valley you get up (1°) along the spur left out a little higher in view of the ponds Coldai, after the nearby fork easily earns the refuge.

Notes: La Casera of Pioda can be reached using the chairlift Palafavera