Nordic Walking in Zoldo

Nordic Walking is proposed in our magnificent valley through different routes in order to combine the benefits of the discipline the knowledge and experience of the most beautiful and least known of Zoldo.
The instructor in addition to purely technical lessons we will introduce you to the most scenic corners of the valley alternating moments of technique to walk through the trails.
According to your needs and your preparation you can organize walks or trips of varying length and height difference.

Some Excursions

EXCURSION AT VACH. Easy walk suitable for everyone on comfortable path through fields and woods. You get to the pond with beautiful waterfall to behold with a great view over Pelmo, Antelao and St. Sebastian.
It takes 1h 30min, 350m difference in altitude.

EXCURSION AT MONTE RITE. Easy walk suitable for everyone. The trail consists of a very scenic white former military road. It comes on top of the mountain with a 360-degree view over the Dolomites breathtaking! From the  Dolomites Ampezzane to the Friulian massive. Pelmo and Antelao are in the foreground and all the grandeur of Civetta and Moiazza opposite. At the top is a restaurant haven and the Messner Mountain Museum just inside the fort renovated.
Duration: 1h 50 min, altitude difference 600m.

EXCURSION AT SUN PARADIS. Easy walk suitable for everyone. The path is simple initially in the woods and then through the meadows of the ski slopes. Once you get to the hut there is a fantastic view of the Civetta and Moiazza.
Journey time about 2 hours, altitude difference 600m

EXCURSION AT MONTE PUNTA. Walk suitable for children accompanied by parents. The trail is all surrounded by a beautiful forest to the top of the mountain where the vegetation ends and begins the lawn. Some sections are so steep that a minimum of breath and exercise are also recommended if you do everything quietly without problems. At the top the view is 360 degrees and dominates the entire Valley of Zoldo and the Zoppe di Cadore village. Pelmo, Civetta, Bosconero, St. Sebastian and of the south group are just some of the wonderful views that offers this excursion … The rest will find out once the summit ….
Journey time 2 hours, 500m difference in altitude.

EXCURSION AT MONTE CROT. Walk suitable for adults and adolescents. The trail begins in the woods and then continue through meadows and clearings. In the final crossing of mugo pine expanses and forty meters between rocks a bit steep. On top it was among Plemo and Civetta with a beautiful view of the entire Val Fiorentina.
Duration: 1h 40 min, altitude difference 400m.

EXCURSION AT BRUTO CARESTIATO. Walk suitable for everyone. easy path through the forest, arriving at the shelter located in a beautiful panoramic terrace overlooking the valley agordina. The refuge is dominated by the Cathedral of the top wall and the ridges of the gangs of Moiazza group.
Travel time 45min, 200m altitude difference.

Accomodation in residence

Residence Valpiccola, located in the center of Pecol Zoldo Alto (BL) lends itself well to those who are interested in this sport, as close to all the marked trails.
Its 16 luxury apartments, all furnished in the style and the local tradition, allow everyone to enjoy the culture of relaxing area after a challenging hike through the trails of the area.
There are two types of accommodation: the 12 type 1 bedroom apartments can accommodate 4 people and measure about 38 square meters; 4 apartments type 2, however, have the ability to accommodate a fifth person with extra bed. Both offer a balcony, kitchen, bathroom with hairdryer and towel warmer, safe, double folding bed, bunk bed (for bilo1) or twin beds (for two rooms 2) separate, satellite tv.
Our guest can use the kitchen [breakfast, dinner, lunch (also takeaway)] and services Valgranda **** Hotel, adjacent to the Residence. They will be at his disposal the swimming pool and the gym (included in the price), whirlpool, sauna, turkish bath and massages (for a fee, special price).
Outside there is a garden, ideal for barbecues in the company and for the entertainment of children who have access to a playground.

What is nordic walking

Nordic Walking is a wonderful sport and wellness discipline that is practiced in open born many years ago from the idea of ​​the Finnish cross-country skiers who used it for their summer training.
Today the sport has grown tremendously around the world and over the years they have studied the great benefits derived from it in practice.
It’s a gentle activity that tones muscles, builds endurance, strength and fitness and is careful to maintain the correct posture of our body; Does not strain the joints and which can be practiced by anyone and at any age, enabling to obtain a simple reduction of weight. Nordic Walking is a wonderful sport and wellness discipline that is practiced in open born many years ago from the idea of ​​the Finnish cross-country skiers who used it for their summer training.
Today the sport has grown tremendously around the world and over the years they have studied the great benefits derived from it in practice.
It ‘a gentle activity that tones muscles, builds endurance, strength and fitness and is careful to maintain the correct posture of our body; Does not strain the joints and which can be practiced by anyone and at any age, enabling to obtain a simple reduction of weight.
The same race enthusiasts choose Nordic Walking permanently or temporarily, for example when they have problems in the knee joints or hips, or when they have to completely cure a trauma.
Nordic Walking involves actively arms in the movement. This implies an increase in the muscles of the shoulders and chest, and a strengthening of the neck muscles.
Nordic Walking with the load on the hip, knee and foot is decreased.
Overall it can be said that the Nordic Walking is 40% more effective than the traditional walking.
Nordic Walking trains all the major muscles, similar to cross-country skiing. Arms and shoulders are involved actively in making the most effective exercise. Also it is easy to practice, a natural movement with alternating rhythm.

History of nordic walking

Nordic Walking was used already in the thirties as a summer training method for cross-country skiing. From this experience researchers and sports doctors have developed this new trendy discipline.
Nordic Walking is one of Finnish origin sport that promotes health and strength, with a power consumption up to 46% higher than a normal walk. Only in its country of origin more than 750,000 people have been playing all year, and gradually Nordic Walking is conquering Europe.
Since then the “Nordik Walking Virus” hit the entire Scandinavia and is spreading towards the south of Europe. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland Nordic Walking is already rooted in hotels and tourist villages as a new attractive and nicely varied offer for active guests.
In many places, associations and sports groups from various disciplines have included in their programs of Nordic Walking sections.

Benefits of nordic Walking

Over the years there have been many studies on the Nordic walking who have tried all the benefits that this discipline can make:
-Nordic Walking is more effective than 40% compared to walking without poles.
-Nordic walking increases energy consumption by virtue of the large muscle involvement (85% of the body muscles, ie about 600 muscles).
-Nordic Walking lightens the load on the musculoskeletal during movement safeguarding more joints of the ankles,     knees and spine.
-Nordic Walking, with the involvement of auxiliary respiratory muscles, increases oxygenation of the whole organism.
-Nordic walking keeps in operation four of the five main forms of physical or conditional qualities: endurance, strength, mobility, coordination.
-Nordic Walking relieves contractions in the shoulder area and neck.
-Nordic Walking slows the aging process.
-Nordic Walking economizes the work of the heart.
-Nordic Walking strengthens the immune system and stimulates the elimination of hormones originating from stress.

(Sources: Studies Cooper Institute Dallas, “Sports Medicine” Hollmann, Hettinger, Schattauer 2002)
In short, the Nordic Walking is the perfect activity to get a physical form so sweet and fun.

The technique of nordic walking

As any sport, even for Nordic Walking there is a technique to learn and learn to practice the most of this activity and be able to take advantage of all the benefits that this type of movement entails.
The Nordic Walking basic technique is inspired by its movements of cross-country skis for classic technique, using the so-called diagonal movement and entering so the use of appropriate sticks.
Nordic Walking is a variation of the walk and relies on the physiological sequence of alternating movements of the arm and the opposite leg, looking an effective boost with the stick that yields a greater stride length without abandoning the natural fluidity of movement.
The teaching progression of ‘ANI defined the “7 Steps” was created to convey the fundamental and functional technique of Nordic Walking. This teaching methodology allows to gradually learn and easy to the so-called Nordic ALFA technique:
A) Attention to posture (upright posture and stabilization of the central part of the body)
L) active arm Work (work long pendulum arm is stabilized in the boost phase to recovery)
F) of the stick Functionality aimed at an angle
A) Adjustment of the step (step length is adjusted to the boost phase of the arms)

In order to learn the best technique we recommend, to anyone who wants to start this business, to apply to the Instructors ANI, the only ones qualified to teach the methodology of “7 Steps” Nordic Walking is easy and fun.

Nordic walking, a sport for all

Nordic Walking leads to improved aerobic endurance and over training of the muscles of the legs and the correct posture of the apparatus of support, through the use of sticks is also trained and toned muscles of the upper body (shoulders, chest and arms).
As already mentioned you get to get a complete workout for the whole body managing to involve 85% of all muscles, once the correct technique acquired.
Naturalness and great adaptability of the movement in the Nordic Walking allows anyone to be able to practice a form of comprehensive, harmonious and fun movement that has many variations depending on the objectives: from performance and easy weight control.
Nordic walking is suitable for everyone not presenting specific contraindications and, like all aerobic activities possesses the characteristics of the cardiovascular workout (heart and blood circulation muscle) and increased aerobic (capacity improves oxygen transport organism – VO2 max).
The proper use of lighter sticks of the body weight on the spine and lower limbs promoting a better overall joint work with an increase of the development of coordination skills and balance. To this is an effective exercise in recovery phases of the corrected gait when you need to acquire stability, safety and sensitivity in the support of the foot.
Nordic Walking has also positive effects on people with back problems. Of research carried out in Finland in 1999 it showed that Nordic Walking has encouraged huge improvements of people with back injury caused by bad posture.
The spine of the examined persons has become more mobile, the entire muscles of the torso is improved and it is reinforced, also improving the blood circulation in the upper body. The tensions in the neck and shoulders have been reduced, and also in 70% of examined disappeared disorders.
And that’s why Nordic Walking is already used in many clinics of Scandinavia and Germany as rehabilitation therapy.
Nordic Walking, an ideal activity to lose weight.
To lose weight it is indisputable that we must combine a good physical activity to a careful and balanced diet! Nordic Walking in the heart rate increases by 13% and energy consumption increases by up to 46% compared to similar sports.
For this reason, with an appropriate aerobic activity (eg. Nordic walking at an intensity such as to maintain a constant speed for at least 40 – 50 minutes) is greatly stimulated the consumption of fats that, in our metabolism, are used only after a certain time of activities.
Through some experiments it was found that walking at a good pace you consume 280 kcal in an hour while at the same pace, with Nordic Walking, if they come to consume about 450! Therefore this activity is definitely the ideal sport to lose weight.