Welcome to Summer in Zoldo Valley in the hearts of Dolomites

It’s no surprise that everyone who visits Dolomites, in particular the Zoldo Valley superbly set between Civetta and Pelmo Peak, each summer has a new determination to became a landscape photographer. The surroundings are simply breathtaking. And all the art galleries of photographers, painters, sculptors are a clear sign that many can’t get enough.

Not only is this a place of beauty, it is also an adventurer’s dream come true. The huge Dolomites are home to renowned mountaineering peaks, horseback trails, and hikes. And to not forget about the wildlife, waterfalls, picturesque alpine lakes, famous landmarks and canyons that overlay the entire Pelmo and Civetta Peaks area.

Pelmo and Civetta Peaks contain enough to keep anyone’s camera busy.