The Zoldo valley is situated  between the imposing dolomitic structures  of Civetta, Pelmo, Bosconero and Spitz. It is located in the Veneto region, in the province of Belluno, about 1 hour drive from Venice.

The Zoldo valley , together with the nearby Val Fiorentina, from which is separated by Pass Staulanza docile, and Alleghe, is known for its great skiing area of ​​Civetta. But above all for hiking, a real joy for everyone, from easy walks in the beautiful forests to the most challenging and beautiful rings around Mount Pelmo and the Civetta-Moiazza. Do not forget the vie ferrate  or the important long-distance routes such as Altavia n. 1 from Lake Braies to Belluno and Altavia n. 3 from Villabassa to Longarone or the Zoldo ring.